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For over 10 years, Eviti Connect has empowered oncology practices and health plans to prescribe and reimburse high-quality, high-value patient care. By providing a comprehensive database of evidence-based protocols to clinicians, health plans using the platform have the support they need to improve member care and manage costs for over 30 million covered lives.

More than 6,900 medical practices across the United States have used the decision-support tool to submit oncology treatment plans for validation. Additionally, Eviti Connect has presented evidence-based protocols for specific diagnoses for over 345,000 members with cancer.

As evidenced by more than 80 major product releases over the years, the Eviti platform technology continues to advance. In addition, the regimen library and clinical trials database, which covers all cancers and cancer subtypes, is continuously updated with the latest evidence-based treatment therapies to ensure the Eviti platform provides access to the highest standard of care available.

Thank you for helping our plan members navigate some of the most challenging times they face and allowing us to help ensure that they receive the best oncology treatment available.
-Daniel Weiss, PharmD, Executive Director of Pharmacy at Sanford Health Plan

Infographic: 10 Years of Eviti Connect

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Maximize the Value of Care

Encourage the most effective treatments.

  • Pre-authorize treatments – Pre-approve evidence-based therapies and minimize treatment delays.
  • Prioritize payer-approved therapies – Promote cost-effective therapies to providers.

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