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December 10th, 2020 at 1pm ET or 10am PT: An Eviti Connect Webinar titled Oncology Treatment Plan Validation: What is it and Why is it Important?
Upcoming Eviti Webinar: Oncology Treatment Plan Validation
The cost of oncology-focused drugs in the U.S. has now exceeded $56 billion and the median annual expense of a new cancer...
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Cancer Care in the age of COVID-19 Blog Header
Eviti Infographic: Cancer Care In the Age of COVID-19
There is no doubt that COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the U.S. healthcare system, forcing everyone—from payers to...
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A Look Ahead: The Pandemic's Impact on Payers
A Look Ahead: The Pandemic’s Impact on Payers
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many existing cracks in our healthcare system and taken a tremendous toll on the entire...
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On Demand Eviti Webinar: Cancer Management Trends for Self-Funded Employers on September 16 2020
On Demand Eviti Webinar—Cancer Management Trends for Self-Funded Employers
Approximately 60 percent of U.S. companies are partially or fully self-funding their health plans. With more than a third of...
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Oncology high definition microscopic image that shows cancer cells and regular cells
COVID-19 and Cancer Care
The COVID-19 pandemic has abruptly and fundamentally changed our lives, with specific, evolving impacts on healthcare. Our initial responses were...
Evidence-Based Practice in Oncology: NantHealth
Healthcare is an ever-evolving field that continues to grow and adapt based on research, the ability to analyze data, and...
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Custom artwork with 4 silhouettes of the side profile of faces with custom iconography overlaid
Good Lessons: HealthCare’s Need for Collective Data Solving
Uptown from the rubble of Ground Zero in the winter of 2002, I sorted socks, boots, and flashlight batteries in...
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Eviti Connect Infographic
For payers, Eviti Connect streamlines the authorization of cancer treatment, ensuring prescription of high-quality, high-value care and setting patients on...
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Eviti Webinar Recording: A Look Ahead—The Pandemic's Impact on Payers
Eviti Webinar Recording: A Look Ahead—The Pandemic’s Impact on Payers
Over the past few months, we’ve seen a fundamental shift in healthcare. With this change comes a host of uncertainty...
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Custom blog article hero graphic with illustrated fighter jets flying trailing blue and orange lines
Safety Check: What Providers can Learn from Pilots
As an Air Force pilot, the jets I flew all came with User’s Manuals, but unlike the one in your...
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NantHealth’s Cancer Therapy Pre-Authorization Platform Eviti Connect® Starts 2020 Strong with Two Expanded Programs
Continued Relationships with Health Insurers Reflect the Need for High-quality, High-value Care as Cancer Treatments Become Increasingly Complex Culver City,...
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NantHealth’s Eviti Connect Data Shows Recycling of Chemotherapy and Biologics for Advanced CRC Patients More Common Than Switching to Drug...
NantHealth Presented These Findings at the ASCO 2020 Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium San Francisco, CA – January 25, 2020: NantHealth, Inc....
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