Reimburse High-Quality, High-Value Autoimmune Care with Confidence

Providers don’t want to delay patient care. Payers don’t want to waste money on unwarranted, ineffective autoimmune care. Both want to improve clinical outcomes while ensuring healthcare dollars are spent wisely.

Expediting Patient Care

NantHealth’s Eviti Connect is a web-based healthcare payer solution that electronically connects health plans and practices for the authorization of treatment for autoimmune diseases. Eviti Connect:

  • Reduces wasteful payer administrative time and spending by validating appropriate treatment plans at the point of care
  • Reduces denials and appeals
  • Expedites care for the patient

people in the U.S. with an autoimmune disease

With so many people impacted by an autoimmune disease, providers and payers want to make sure patients get care quickly and efficiently.

Value-Based Care: A Win for Everyone

Meeting the needs of payers, providers, and patients is complex, but it’s not impossible. Eviti Connect clears the way for value-based autoimmune care that benefits everyone involved.

  • Patients have peace of mind that they can access their medications promptly.
  • Physicians can prescribe plan-compliant care and receive appropriate reimbursement from the payer—with near real-time communications with the payer.
  • Payers have assurance that they are paying for quality care at the best cost.

Clinical Review

When a physician-recommended treatment is not automatically approved via automated means, it enters a rigorous clinical review process to determine that the proposed treatment regimen is the best fit for a particular patient based on payer policies.

Empowering Better Autoimmune Care

Expand payer clinical knowledge

Extend the knowledge of your team with independent expertise

Streamline operational workflows

Streamline staff authorization workflow, allowing them to focus on more high-value tasks

Maximize drug manufacturer rebates

Manage brand, biosimilar and generic use for best pricing

Integrate payer policies

Ensure compliance with medical policy, pharmacy policy, and step therapy

Indicate Payer Preferences

Drive providers to more cost-effective therapies with configurable drug preferences

Optimize site of service

Redirect treatment delivery to optimal sites of care when clinically appropriate to reduce costs