Dr. Minh Huynh, Oncologist and Medical Director at NantHealth

Explore our informative 3-part video series, delving into the messaging pillars of Eviti Connect for Oncology. Learn how payers can seize cost-saving opportunities, align with oncology providers, minimize abrasion, and leverage deep oncology expertise without the need for an on-staff oncologist. Streamline oncology care, optimize decision-making, and transform the healthcare landscape.

Oncology Cost-Saving Opportunities for Payers

In this engaging episode, Dr. Minh Huynh, Oncologist and Medical Director at NantHealth, unveils how payers can revolutionize oncology care while significantly cutting costs. Discover top strategies in managing costly drug categories and ensuring evidence-based treatment decisions.

How Payers Can Leverage Deep Oncology Expertise Without an On-Staff Oncologist

Join Dr. Minh Huynh, Oncologist and Medical Director at NantHealth, as we delve into the critical role of payers in revolutionizing oncology care. In this episode, Dr. Huynh explores strategies for mitigating provider abrasion and achieving alignment between payers and providers when treating cancer patients. He also presents solutions to ensure patients receive timely, evidence-based, and cost-effective treatments and provides real-life case studies that exemplify the profound impact of aligning payer and provider goals in oncology care.

Mitigating Provider Abrasion by Aligning Payer & Provider Goals in Oncology Care

Join Dr. Minh Huynh, a renowned Oncologist and Medical Director at NantHealth, as he emphasizes the significance of deep clinical expertise and experience in oncology, particularly when making crucial treatment decisions for cancer patients. With the complexity and ever-expanding landscape of cancer care, it’s essential to consider a multitude of data points for each patient’s unique case. In this video, Dr. Huynh will discuss how both providers and payers and turning to cutting-edge technology for decision-making and validating treatment plans.

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Payers rely on Eviti Connect for Oncology to validate treatment plans with evidence-based medicine best practices and payer policies before treatment begins. With deep oncology expertise, our clinical team curates the most current scientific literature and maintains an up-to-date regimen library supported by published studies. We are a seamless extension of your internal team’s resources and empower you to expedite care for your members and reduce your oncology costs.

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