NaviNet® connects you to the health plans that you use every day with a single login. Find the information you need without jumping between portals or spending time on the phone. A user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and seamless integration with existing workflows delivers a uniform experience across all health plans.

What is a NaviNet-sponsored health plan?

Various health plans partner with NantHealth to use NaviNet as their provider portal. You can access these NaviNet-sponsored health plans for free based on your location and participating status. Each sponsored health plan provides a unique set of workflows.

What is NaviNet AllPayer Advantage?

NaviNet AllPayer Advantage builds on the NaviNet-sponsored multi-payer experience, expanding access to health plans that your organization interacts with every day. Get a clear view into standard eligibility and benefit information for 1,000+ commercial and government plans (some also let you check claim status), all accessible through the user-friendly NaviNet portal.

As part of AllPayer Advantage, the Medicare feature allows provider offices on NaviNet to link directly to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to get the answers they need. It is an easy-to-use online solution that delivers robust and detailed benefits information in real-time for Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D coverage—including remaining deductibles. The Medicare feature of AllPayer Advantage enables you to perform real-time transactions and searches, eliminating frustrating phone calls and unproductive wait times.

NaviNet Sponsored Health Plans NaviNet AllPayer Advantage
Includes all sponsored health plans. View sponsored list. Access non-sponsored health plans, including 1,000+ commercial, state Medicaid plans, and Medicare. View AllPayer list.
Free-of-charge. Available for a monthly fee.
Easy access to enhanced workflows. May include claims, eligibility & benefits, authorizations, and more.* Eligibility and benefits and claim status inquiry only.*
Access rich detail and additional content, such as member ID card images, explanation of benefits, provider and patient documents, and more.* Standard eligibility and benefits and claim status information.*
Boosts operational efficiency, improves accuracy, and unlocks savings you didn’t even know were there. Unlock operational savings and integrate systems even further by utilizing NaviNet AllPayer APIs.
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*Varies by health plan

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