NantHealth Core Values

Hear from Executive Leadership


  • Do the right thing, even when no one is watching or it’s unpopular
  • Take responsibility for the data and conclusions reached
  • Keep your promises, own your mistakes, and give others credit
  • Make decisions consistent with company values


  • Empower our community with the information and tools they need to succeed
  • Promote and foster an open environment to share knowledge, ideas, and feedback
  • Have the courage to have the hard conversations
  • Maintain a clear focus on our mission


  • Focus on we instead of me
  • Seek input from stakeholders early
  • Share knowledge to help others succeed
  • Create unity by fostering an environment of teamwork across sites, product lines, and departments
  • Resolve conflicts constructively and expeditiously
  • Ensure team excellence by owning and doing your part


  • Create an environment that’s respectful and safe
  • Embrace diversity, include all voices, and honor each other’s DNA
  • Give back to the community
  • When others fall, help them up
  • Treat customers, patients, and users as partners – we are in this together


  • Recognize the challenges that people face
  • Support and advocate for the goals to which they aspire
  • Provide encouragement to maximize potential
  • Promote positive relationships
  • Respect the perspective of others
  • See the view through our customers’, patients’, and users’ eyes


  • Relentless resolve to explore uncharted territories
  • Fueled by challenges and energized by change
  • Never settle – push boundaries, take risks, and overcome obstacles
  • When you fail, learn and evolve
  • Empower and equip to transform ideas into solutions
  • Unwavering in our quest to learn, develop, and grow
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