Connect With Your Entire Provider Network

As an organization that prioritizes value-based care, your ability to communicate across a flexible, extensible platform is critical. NaviNet Open is one of America’s leading payer-provider collaboration platforms, facilitating provider engagement and generating trustworthy, actionable data throughout the continuum of care delivery.

A secure multi-payer platform, NaviNet Open enhances communication, boosts operating efficiency, cuts costs, and improves provider satisfaction. It lets payers and providers exchange vital administrative, financial, and clinical information in real-time.

Safe, Secure, Streamlined

HITRUST Certified LogoFor NantHealth, security is a priority. NaviNet is HIPAA compliant.

NaviNet Open is HITRUST certified, having met key regulations and industry-defined requirements. It appropriately manages risk regarding third-party privacy, security and compliance.

NaviNet Open Solutions

NaviNet Open Eligibility and Benefits

Delivers membership verification and insurance coverage information to provider offices in real-time. Tailored to your organization’s business needs, NaviNet Open Eligibility and Benefits displays copayment, deductible, and benefit information, and is designed to easily extend to display more detailed information.

NaviNet Open Claim Status Inquiry (CSI)

Gives provider offices access to detailed financial and claim status information in real-time, eliminating the need to call a payer organization directly. CSI aligns health plan and provider interests by automating the delivery not just of claim receipt confirmation and adjudication status, but also important payment details.

NaviNet Open Claims Management

A collection of tools for providers and payers to manage reimbursement:

  • Professional Claim Submission
  • Claim Corrections and Adjustments
  • Claim Attachments
  • Claim Investigation
  • Claim Appeals

NaviNet Open Authorizations

Allows providers to submit medical prior-authorization requests and access the most up-to-date authorization information from health plans—such as status updates, approvals or denials, and requests for additional information. It optimizes the authorization process, making it easy for health plans to configure fields and add additional business logic and integrate with third-party applications, as well as add-on workflow capabilities to better support necessity requirements.

NaviNet Open Referrals

Allows provider offices to submit and access referrals in real-time, guiding patients to the best specialist at the most affordable cost, and equipping staff with more information to navigate complex sub-networks while health plans optimize in-network or value-based referrals.

NaviNet Open Document Exchange

Streamline health plan-provider communication with real-time transmission of administrative, financial, and clinical data (fee schedules, risk adjustment, quality measures, performance reports). A self-service application empowers payer business users to collaborate directly with chosen providers, creating a comprehensive solution for efficient healthcare information exchange. Learn more.

Align Payer, Provider, and Patient Incentives

With NaviNet Open, both payers and providers benefit from increased operational efficiency, streamlined communication, and significant savings. Reduce manual processes across your organization through decreased administrative complexity—and increased transparency, leading to timely, higher quality, more cost-effective care that directly benefits patients.

Hear from our Customers

How has NaviNet positively impacted the way you do your work?

I have been in healthcare working since 1998 and work in areas that would access NaviNet regularly. I can’t imagine my job without it – it’s a complete time saver and is super accurate with the information that is provided.-Jessica S., Practice Administrator, Northeast Physical Rehab Office

NaviNet is the best system I use for my work. I get things done more quickly efficiently and accurately. It truly is a quality product.-Lori Y., Office Manager, Northeast Chiropractic Office

NaviNet has allowed me to work more efficiently by providing timely resources and systems that are user-friendly and intuitive.-Jason Walker, Coding & Billing Manager, Nally Family Practice