Cut Costs At Scale

Manual data entry isn’t just slow, it’s costly. Given the sheer volume of day-to-day or even minute-to-minute—fax, phone, and mail transactions that payer organizations perform, reducing these expenses can result in substantial savings. NaviNet Open is a one-stop-shop for payer-provider communications. It’s simple: the more administrative work your organization currently does, the greater the savings opportunity with NaviNet. And perhaps no other industry requires as much logistical organization as health care, especially for payers and providers.


Estimated amount the healthcare industry could save with electronic transactions.1

Drive Savings and Satisfaction

Centralizing all of your electronic workflows on the NaviNet Open platform allows for seamless information access by providers. Not only will automating phone calls, faxes, and mail transactions dramatically decrease your internal administrative labor costs, employees will be able to focus on the aspects of their jobs that they actually enjoy–increasing satisfaction and retention along with savings. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time positively affects outcomes and satisfaction—and saves everyone money.

Optimize Transactions and Workflows

Depending on your administrative needs, cut costs on everything from basic faxes to complex electronic attachment transfers and referrals. NaviNet Open breaks down the barriers of access between payers and providers to increase collaboration and minimize gaps in care, and supports the entire payer-provider continuum.

  • Seamlessly add electronic attachments to claims, authorizations and other forms—allowing providers to self-serve and provide the supporting information, without having to get on the phone or fax documentation.
  • Exchange clinical notes, imaging, and treatment plans through the same central portal.
  • Ask—or answer—any questions regarding claims or other documents within the same transmission channel, rather than through phone calls or external emails.

Reap the ROI of NaviNet Open

With NaviNet Open, convert manual tasks like authorizations, referrals, investigation, and appeals, to online processes. Then, streamline workflows already on electronic systems—like basic claim and eligibility exchanges—onto one integrated portal, and eliminate an extra round of phone calls. NaviNet Open supports the entire continuum of care, bringing together all of the asynchronous workflows that bog down payers and providers alike.

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