Monitoring the Health of Your Network for the Health of Your Patients

Information technologists in healthcare face many, if not all, of the same challenges their enterprise peers face in other business segments. Healthcare has the added challenge that network services must also function reliably to support the best outcomes of patient care. Network monitoring is critical firstly for ensuring IT technologists know when these systems are failing or performing poorly, and secondly that they have the information they need to diagnose current and prevent future network issues that may impact healthcare staff and systems supporting the patient.

Monitor Anything, Anywhere

OpenNMS network monitoring gives IT teams the power to watch over the entire network reliably, and securely—from a single “pane of glass”—and extract intelligence from it. Supporting traffic analysis and fault and performance monitoring, OpenNMS scales to meet the demands of even the largest networks.

OpenNMS is an open source network monitoring platform. This platform helps IT professionals more effectively monitor network availability and performance in today’s highly distributed provider networks. OpenNMS incorporates a distributed architecture that provides consistent measurements helping to establish meaningful KPI baselines. These baselines can then be used to more consistently identify deviations and anomalous behaviors.

OpenNMS offers a comprehensive monitoring solution that includes fault and performance monitoring, traffic analysis, event and alarm management, and notification workflows including ticket integration within a single solution. Highly reliable, scalable, and adaptable, OpenNMS integrates with core business applications and workflows.

Illustration of laptop and OpenNMS on the screen

OpenNMS Platform Features

  • Inventory: a flexible provisioning API supports synchronization with multiple sources of network inventory from CMDBs to CRMs, even DNS. OpenNMS also includes automatic network and topology discovery rounding out a comprehensive solution for managing the dynamic nature of a typical healthcare organization’s network monitoring inventory.
  • Data collection: works with industry-standard data collection protocols such as: SNMP, WMI, WS-Management, Prometheus, and JMX. Additionally, metric collection is supported using other transport protocols and data encodings including: WinRM, SFTP, FTP, JDBC, HTTP(S), JSON, XML, SQL, VMware, WS-Management, Prometheus.
  • Comprehensive network traffic analysis: supports all major network flow protocols (NetFlow v.5/9, IPFIX, JFlow, sFlow) collecting upwards of 300,000 flows/sec. Dynamic deep-dive analysis using raw flow data combined with configurable aggregations and data retention periods.
  • Minion Appliances: physical and virtual appliances that provide a Zero-Trust and Zero-Touch distributed monitoring experience supporting secure deployments in healthcare environments with data encryption at rest pre-transport and during transport to your secure data center.
  • Scalability: monitor hundreds of thousands of devices.
  • Enterprise reporting and visualization: customizable dashboards that can also be incorporated into PDF reports that include performance graphs, tables, histograms and charting techniques.

Meridian Data Sheet

OpenNMS Meridian
Data Sheet

Stable Platform, Long-Term Support

Meridian includes the most stable and secure features from Horizon, our community release distribution. Meridian is much easier to maintain and use without the headache of rapid upgrades and releases, and it is supportable long term.

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