Innovating Health Care, Once and for All

Your priority is providing patients with high-quality care. Our priority is providing you with tools that optimize how you operate. By combining precision medicine with leading-edge technology, the NantHealth product suite harnesses data to drive more efficient patient outcomes.

Uniting the Continuum of Care

Each of NantHealth’s products targets a specific pain point that inhibits health care from reaching its full potential. From advanced decision-making tools to smoother, more efficient workflows, NantHealth’s solution enables providers and payers to deliver the highest quality of patient care.

  • Enhance communication and collaboration.
  • Enable high quality oncology care.
  • Unlock greater precision to improve patient outcomes.

Simplifying Medical Technology

Innovation is at the heart of high-quality health care. At NantHealth, we’re powering the future of empowered health care by constantly leveraging new ideas, resources, and technology to inspire better medical practices—and better outcomes.


94% of healthcare professionals see the value in technology—but many aren’t sure where to begin.1

Our Products


Nearly 90% of doctors see an advantage in digital health tools.2