Evidence-Based Treatment Intelligence for Improved Outcomes in Oncology

Cancer research is ever-evolving. Often, physicians struggle to manage overwhelming amounts of information around the risks, benefits, and trade-offs of different treatment options. Time is of the essence in the world of health care—so when faced with an array of information, providers must quickly single out the best treatment option. Eviti Advisor empowers clinicians to make personalized treatment decisions by offering a comprehensive library of unbiased, clinically-proven options.

One Resource—Many Treatment Options

By compiling treatments derived from peer-reviewed literature, oncology associations, and government agencies, Eviti Advisor allows clinicians to view:

  • All cancers and cancer subtypes
  • 4,800+ evidence-based treatment regimens
  • 9,500+ federally-registered clinical trials
  • Level of evidence, expected clinical outcomes, treatment costs, toxicities, and supporting literature
  • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and supportive drugs

Unconflicted & Transparent

NantHealth has no financial interest in the drugs or prescriptions for regimens that are displayed as treatment options in Eviti. They are filtered and displayed solely on the criteria entered by the clinician.

Up-to-date Content

The Eviti Library is maintained and kept current by:

  • A full-time team of board-certified oncologists, radiation therapies, and oncology-certified nurses
  • Clinical informatics professionals

Accessible & Easy to Use

Eviti Advisor is a web-based application that does not require installation or maintenance by physicians or practice staff.

  • All updates are provided automatically by Eviti’s servers, without any additional work for the clinician
  • The program’s intuitive user interface is easy to learn and quick to use
  • Clinicians simply begin a search by selecting a cancer type, and treatment options are displayed
  • Filters can be added to narrow results and compare treatment options side by side

Treatment Reimbursement Validation

Eviti Advisor integrates with Eviti Connect, the pre-authorization path of Eviti that:

  • Filters regimen options by payer plan language
  • Aligns the interests of the provider, patient, and payer before treatment begins
  • Offers expert, peer-to-peer interactions with the Eviti medical office
  • Identifies and addresses conflicts with payers before treatment begins