Deliver on Value-Based Care Initiatives

Recent data indicates a significant portion of payers and providers are involved in alternative payment models tied to quality. The NantHealth population health management solution prioritizes individual patient needs, leveraging historical healthcare data and advanced analytics. This approach assists physicians in identifying trends, delivering enhanced care, and effective management outcomes.

Fully Integrated Population Health Management Platform

Population Health Management workflow: Data Sources, Analytics, Work Queues, and Scorecards

NantHealth’s platform brings together disparate data to provide a full 360-degree view of the patient while enabling better workflow between providers, payers, hospital/healthcare networks and patients. This reduces avoidable costs and increases patient and provider satisfaction.

  • Advanced Data Collection & Analysis: Simplifies tech, highlights info gathering & interpretation
  • Powerful Care Team Management: Supports coordinated care effectively
  • Rewarding Quality Care Models: Focuses on value-based healthcare, rewarding better outcomes
  • Comprehensive Health Management: Emphasizes holistic well-being management
  • Seamless EHR Connections: Ensures smooth info flow between systems
  • Real-time Appointment Guidance: Provides tailored advice during visits for patients

NantHealth’s population health management tools are available to all health plans including customers of Eviti Connect, an evidence-based treatment intelligence platform that supports better decision making, and NaviNet Open, an industry-leading secure, multi-payer platform that elevates the payer-provider relationship from transactional to collaborative, enhancing communication and boosting operational efficiency.

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