Helping Payers Thrive in a Changing Healthcare System


Estimated amount the healthcare industry could save annually with electronic transactions.1


Direct cancer-related healthcare spending in the U.S.2


Percentage of healthcare spending in the U.S. attributed to waste.3

Health plans are under immense pressure to ensure timely, quality and cost-effective care across their membership. To achieve this goal, payers must work collaboratively with their provider networks using technology that simplifies workflows, empowers confident decisions, improves care coordination and boosts efficiencies.

Screenshot of NantHealth NaviNet® Open Payer-Provider Collaboration Solution

Payer-Provider Collaboration

NaviNet® Open suite of solutions enables payers and providers to share vital administrative, clinical, and population health management information in near real-time.

  • Enable bi-directional information exchange with your provider network
  • Increase operational efficiencies by automating manual processes
  • Eliminate redundancy and significantly save on operational costs by shifting to electronic authorizations

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Screenshot of NantHealth Eviti Connect Treatment Plan Validation + Decision Support Solution

Treatment Plan Validation + Decision Support

Eviti Connect® helps payers better manage costs for oncology and autoimmune conditions through a streamlined authorization workflow that facilitates expedited care for members.

  • Reduce care costs for oncology and autoimmune conditions
  • Eliminate inappropriate member care
  • Support value-based care for your members

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Population Health Management

Population Health Management brings together disparate data to provide a full 360-degree view of each patient while enabling better workflow between providers, payers, hospital networks and patients.

  • Access actionable insights at the point of care
  • Stratify risks with proprietary ability to impact (ATI) score
  • Enable value-based care attribution models

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