NantHealth believes that every person and team is accountable for creating and promoting a culture of inclusion. This belief starts at the top of our company and radiates forward. We operate under the principle that diversity of all kinds fuels innovation.

Our Practices

The NantHealth Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging Council supports conferences, meetups, and other industry events to recruit underrepresented and minority candidates. Recruiting efforts are ongoing, with the aim of increasing hiring rates of underrepresented groups across the organization as well as within all levels of leadership.

The council also partners internally with our HR team to ensure that employees are engaged with—and benefiting from—NantHealth’s inclusion, diversity and belonging efforts. The team gathers insights through surveys and other forms of communication. Outside of NantHealth, the council partners with communities and organizations that support and strengthen our efforts – organizing relevant speaker events and promoting an open dialogue about societal and industry-specific diversity issues.

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