About Our Recruiting Process

At NantHealth, we take pride in our people and processes for recruitment and hiring. We do not offer positions of employment without undergoing a thorough recruiting process based on industry best practices.

We also do not:

  • Conduct interviews via chat rooms
  • Hire any employee without first meeting them in-person via our interview process
  • Charge candidates advance fees or fees of any kind, or request access to your bank account

Recently we discovered incidents of people posing as NantHealth staffing and recruitment managers, seeking to engage with job seekers on online job search sites. These unauthorized individuals were using NantHealth’s name and logo, and in some cases, the images and titles of NantHealth employees, in an attempt to solicit up-front fees and obtain personally-identifiable information from interested job seekers.

Therefore, we are proactively advising job seekers that any correspondence regarding employment at NantHealth would come only from an authorized @nanthealth.com email address. If you receive unsolicited offers of employment from people claiming to work for NantHealth, we recommend that you do not engage in any way with these email offers.