Up-to-date, evidence-based oncology treatment regimens are made available in the Eviti Library.


Verified clinical trials to inform treatment decisions at the point of care.

Treatments You Can Trust

The Eviti Evidence-based Medical Library is composed of a variety of peer-reviewed sources. This includes published clinical trial data, oncology consensus group clinical practice guidelines, and research that has appeared in professional, peer-reviewed journals. Read more about the clinical peer review process. These sources include (but are not limited to):

Minimum Requirements for Library Inclusion

Standards for inclusion in the Eviti Library include:

  1. The treatment must be recognized by one of the nationally or internationally recognized oncology consensus group organizations.
  2. Data from the supporting clinical trial must be available. For recommended or endorsed treatments that do not have diagnosis-specific clinical trial support, data may be extrapolated from closely-related clinical studies.
  3. Each individual drug within the regimen must be FDA approved for marketing in the United States, meaning the drugs are not experimental.

Driving High-Quality, High-Value Cancer Care

Confirm treatment efficacy

Regimens in the Eviti Library are verified and supported by research. Oncologists and payers can feel confident that patients are getting evidence-based care for their specific diagnosis.

Provide quality care

Quality comes from the ideal combination of treatment effectiveness and value. The Eviti Library covers all cancer types so all patients can receive the best possible care.

Access up-to-date information

After passing rigorous validation, treatments in the Eviti Library are updated in real-time, giving oncologists accurate and relevant information when they need it most.

Express true value

Make all parties—patients, providers, and payers—explicitly aware of a treatment’s value before the treatment process begins.

Fact Sheet

Get the Facts: Eviti® Personalized Evidence-Based Medicine Library and Clinical Trials Database

Learn more about the evidence-based medical library that drives Eviti.

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