The NaviNet Security Model

When it comes to configuring security permissions, each payer organization establishes the initial guidelines for access to their workflows. Working alongside NantHealth, you’ll configure default permissions for each type of provider office that will be interacting with your organization through NaviNet Open. Then, each provider practice’s designated NaviNet security officer continuously manages, maintains, and modifies those permissions accordingly. They limit visibility and access to strictly necessary information and workflows for every end-user while ensuring all NaviNet activity is HIPAA-compliant.

NaviNet Security Officer Responsibilities

Each NaviNet security officer’s primary responsibilities are as follows:

  • Registers the provider office on NaviNet and maintains the list of providers they represent—simply by providing Tax IDs and NPIs; NantHealth does the rest to match the office to each health plan provider network.
  • Creates and terminates user accounts, maintaining security even as provider staff come and go, and responsibilities shift.
  • Resets users’ passwords as needed to maintain login security across users and over time.
  • Configures users’ health plan workflow permissions, allowing access to only the necessary information—for every user, in every realm.

Safe, Secure, Streamlined

NantHealth’s priority is ensuring that all internal technological infrastructure is well-managed, and we’ve held EHNAC HNAP-EHN accreditation since 2006 to demonstrate how committed we are to just that.

NaviNet Open comes with the following applications:

  • NaviNet Open Eligibility and Benefits: Delivers membership verification, insurance coverage information, and more to provider offices in real-time.
  • NaviNet Open Claim Status Inquiry (CSI): Gives provider offices access to detailed financial and claim status information in real-time, eliminating the need to call a health plan directly and automating the delivery of payment details, adjudication status, and claim receipt confirmation.
  • NaviNet Open Claims Management: A collection of powerful claim tools that simplify every step of the claims process—from submission to review.
  • NaviNet Open Authorizations: Allows providers to submit authorization requests and access the most up-to-date authorization information—such as status updates and approvals—from the health plan.
  • NaviNet Open Referrals: Allows provider offices to submit and access referrals in real-time, guiding patients to the best specialist at the most affordable cost.
  • NaviNet Open Document Exchange: Transmits clinical and administrative information in real-time, streamlining communication among health plans and providers—including risk adjustment information, quality measurement data, and performance reports.
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