The Eviti autoimmune diseases library covers the most commonly prescribed drugs (including biosimilars) and the most prevalent autoimmune diseases. Providers can expedite care to get patients started on treatment quickly.

Managing Autoimmune Drugs Effectively

There are 24+ million people are in the United States with an autoimmune disease resulting in $52+ billion expected in annual spend in the US by 2027.


Expected annual spend on autoimmune disorders in the US by 2027

Minimize Costs. Maximize Care.

With Eviti Connect, payers can:

  • Incorporate plan language and eligibility requirements, allowing provider-recommended treatments to be verified with patient coverage and payer policies.
  • Reduce costs by managing brand, biosimilar and generic use for best pricing.
  • Seamlessly scale with the web-based platform.

Solutions for High-Quality, High-Value Care

Enable proper reimbursement

Gain visibility into drug cost at the moment of prescribing, giving you confidence the provider-recommended treatment meets requirements for reimbursement.

Reduce denials and appeals

Reduce denials and appeals with an Eviti code, which can easily validate treatment options with payer policies.

Minimize internal resource labor

Managing administrative tasks consumes time and capital. Eviti Connect is here to streamline processes across the board—boosting efficiency.

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Eviti Connect for Autoimmune Diseases

Providers don’t want to delay patient care. Payers don’t want to waste money on unwarranted, ineffective autoimmune care. Both want to improve clinical outcomes while ensuring healthcare dollars are spent wisely. Reimburse high-quality, high-value care with confidence.

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