Minimize Risk. Maximize Care.

Eliminate unwarranted variability in care through the application of nationally-accepted treatment standards at the moment of clinical prescription. The automated process reduces the administrative burdens of obtaining and providing authorizations and ensures appropriate reimbursement at the regimen level, aligning payers and physicians in the best interests of patients while limiting appeals and denials.


Cancer drug costs are expected to double in the next two years.

Selecting an evidence-based treatment that offers the best possible outcome at a lower cost than a competing therapy creates value for payers, providers, and patients alike.

Value-Based Care: A Win for Everyone

Meeting the needs of payers, providers, and patients is complex. But it’s not impossible. Eviti Connect clears the way for value-based cancer care that benefits everyone involved.

  • Patients have peace of mind that they are receiving the best treatment for their disease.
  • Physicians can prescribe evidence-based care and receive appropriate reimbursement from the payer—with near real-time communications with the payer.
  • Payers are assured the member is getting the right care at the best cost.

Empowering Better Oncology Decisions

Enable high-quality oncology care

Provide oncologists in your network with access to a comprehensive library of evidence-based treatment options which can be filtered and pinpointed to the patient’s specific diagnosis for optimal decision making.

Streamline operational workflows

Improve claim processing efficiency and reduce denials and appeals with an Eviti code. This code is provided when a physician chooses an evidence-based regimen, thereby validating appropriate treatment and pre-adjudicating the claim.

Integrate medical policies

Automate the process of verifying that treatments meet your plan’s medical policy and plan language before the treatment is selected and ordered.

Ensure appropriate reimbursement

Have visibility at the moment of prescribing, while your network providers are assured the treatments they recommend meet the clinical requirements for reimbursement.

Indicate payer preferences

Highlight preferred regimens to indicate treatments aligned with payer-specific observed outcomes or higher reimbursement opportunities.

Provider Adoption

Eviti Connect is used by over 7,100 oncology practices nationwide

Explore the reasons payers choose Eviti Connect

Eviti Connect Brochure: Empowering Confident Care

How Much Are You Spending on Ineffective Oncology Care?

Cancer care is costly and complex; and if you don’t have the tools needed to effectively manage your cancer spend, you are likely attributing hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars to financial waste.

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