Peace of Mind at the Moment of Prescription

In the United States, over $10 billion is wasted on unwarranted, non-evidence-based cancer treatments each year. With Eviti Connect, payers can minimize financial risk while ensuring members receive evidence-based care at the moment of prescription.


Average per-patient cost of unwarranted care.1

Minimize Costs. Maximize Care.

With Eviti Connect, payers can:

  • Incorporate plan language and eligibility requirements, allowing provider-recommended treatments to be verified with patient coverage.
  • Reduce costs by empowering oncologists to prescribe consistent, evidence-based treatments that meet care standards.
  • Seamlessly scale with the web-based platform.

Solutions for High-Quality, High-Value Care

Lower costs

Ensuring the most appropriate treatment is prescribed for every patient up front can reduce unnecessary spend on unwarranted, inappropriate care.

Reduce care variability

Cancer is a disease with many variables and treatment considerations. Eviti aids decision making for each patient’s specific diagnosis—validating evidence-based standards, and reducing variability in care across your member population.

Reduce denials and appeals

Reduce denials and appeals with an Eviti code, which can easily validate appropriate treatment options and pre-adjudicate claims.

Minimize internal resource labor

Managing administrative tasks consumes time and capital. Eviti Connect is here to streamline processes across the board and boost efficiency.

Ensure proper reimbursement

Gain visibility into cost and quality at the moment of prescribing, giving you confidence the provider-recommended treatments meet the clinical requirements for reimbursement.

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Reference: The Cost per Patient of Deviations from Evidence-based Standards of Oncology Care. Poster session presented at The American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

Case Study

Maryland Physicians Care (MPC) Employs NantHealth’s Eviti Connect to Enable High-Quality, Value-Based Oncology Care

MPC chose NantHealth’s Eviti Connect to assure appropriate reimbursement by gaining visibility into the cost of care at the regimen level before member treatment begins.

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