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Value-Based Healthcare and Evidence-Based Treatment Rank Highest

Recently, we conducted a new survey on our LinkedIn asking respondents the question, “What do you see as the most important factor that technology solutions can solve to fuel better and more efficient patient outcomes in 2023?” The results are as follows:

  • 40% of respondents selected Value-Based Healthcare
  • 35% of respondents selected Evidence-Based Treatment Plans
  • 14% of respondents selected Addressing Health Equity
  • 12% of respondents selected Improved Payer-Provider Collaboration

Let’s take a deeper dive into the top two answers and discuss what they will mean for healthcare and patient outcomes in 2023!

Value-Based Healthcare

The National Academy of Medicine defines value-based care as “timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centered care.” At its core, value-based care places an emphasis on improved patient outcomes and levels of satisfaction while simultaneously lowering total healthcare costs by reducing fragmentation and enhancing integrated care.

To successfully implement a value-based care infrastructure, it will be essential to make use of and put into place the appropriate tools and technology that are able to properly align and unite payers and providers in order to optimize care value. This will be a vital step in the process. It is for this reason that NantHealth offers solutions such as Eviti Connect and NaviNet Open. Whether it is simplifying the exchange of essential administrative, financial, and clinical information or navigating the unwarranted variability and costs of cancer or autoimmune disease treatment, these platforms target specific pain points that prevent healthcare from reaching its full potential of efficient and effective care.

In spite of the fact that there has been a great deal of unpredictability over the course of the last few years, transitioning the future of healthcare to value-based care will make it easier to achieve equitable, accessible, and high-quality care for all patients.

Evidence-Based Treatment Plans

Evidence-based treatment practices in healthcare have become essential, as relying on accurate data provides the best outcomes for patients. These platforms are able to not only confirm that best practice therapies are being administered, but they also enable consistent care and effectively identify it. These platforms let doctors skip time-consuming and frequently expensive methods of trial and error, which delay treatment, all while coordinating in real-time with the payers.

The end goal of these platforms is to maximize outcomes. NantHealth’s Eviti suite enables providers to intelligently and automatically compare thousands of evidence-based, nationally endorsed treatment options and clinical trials, while also empowering payers to validate and approve treatment regimens more quickly via shared and trusted evidence-based resources.

The use of treatment validation technology provides a means of achieving greater equity in care. These platforms provide consistent and speedy treatment validation for all patients whose health plans are connected, which supports improved patient outcomes and reduced overall costs.

As we move into 2023, healthcare organizations must rely on these technologies to improve patient outcomes and mitigate challenges. Stay tuned in the new year as we explore these topics further and continue to innovate the healthcare industry.

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