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Before joining NantHealth, I was a Certified Medical Assistant. I worked at two family practices in Philadelphia, where I assisted providers in multiple specialties and cared for all patient populations. In the clinical setting, I helped sick patients, patients who knew my name, and whose smiles reminded me why I chose healthcare as a career. Walking down corridors where sickness is all around, you can feel heavy, and being the person to squeeze a patient’s hand and reassure them they’re receiving the best care, meant the world to me. Seeing patients, who were once so vulnerable, become healthier and stronger, helped me get through those long, tiring days. It was rewarding to be part of their recovery in some way.

But cons also come along with the clinical role. The biggest for me was the overwhelming amount of administrative duties that came along with my role. This busywork took valuable time and energy away from my main priority: caring for patients.

Today, I have the opportunity to help make our healthcare providers’ lives easier by educating and training them on our NaviNet AllPayer solutions, something I wish I knew more about back then. Experiencing firsthand what healthcare providers go through and being able to educate them on a solution that provides more direct patient care, something I very much desired, is a rewarding feeling.

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I remember how much I used to dread walking over to the fax machine to see the buildup of faxes or the endless list of health insurance claims that needed to be verified. I chose to work in healthcare because helping people and building trusting relationships is very fulfilling to me. All the administrative work seemed so unnecessary. Unfortunately, this work is required, and there is not a way to get around it, only more efficient ways to go about it.

At NantHealth, we understand. We have a unique platform with NaviNet that can significantly assist offices in saving time, as well as alleviate the burden currently being placed on our healthcare system. Our NaviNet portal allows healthcare providers to access patient eligibility & benefits, check claim status inquiries, and complete prior authorizations, as well as other workflows including claims management, in real-time, from one familiar, user-friendly portal.

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Our AllPayer solution provides access to an additional 1,000+ health plans (including commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare), allowing healthcare providers to acquire patient eligibility & benefits, obtain claim status inquiries, and complete drug authorizations on the same account they log into typically. Not having to go to multiple portals, remembering tons of usernames and passwords, or having to sit on hold with a health plan saves our healthcare providers the valuable time and energy they deserve. A 30-second verification process with our solutions, rather than a 30-minute phone call to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system—is a game-changer.

This process gives providers more time to focus on what is most important: their patients. Time is priceless, and there are never enough hours in a day when you work in healthcare. Being able to give the AllPayer and Medicare Access out free of charge for the month of May was just a small part in giving back to our healthcare heroes. We thank each one of you for the humbling amount of effort and support during these trying times. We will never forget that not all heroes wear capes.

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NaviNet AllPayer Advantage

NaviNet AllPayer Advantage gives providers a fast and intuitive solution to access nearly all health plans in their area with a single login. Anchored by national health plans, NaviNet Open offers a rich, multi-payer experience that lets providers perform benefit and claim-related inquiries quickly and easily. NaviNet AllPayer Advantage builds on this multi-payer experience, expanding access to all health plans that your organization interacts with every day.

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