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Our Customer Success team is vital to our company. Their steadfast north star goal is to be the “voice of the customer” while driving the adoption and utilization of our products and services. The team is comprised of seasoned, dedicated professionals who advocate for our customers by ensuring that NantHealth solutions meet their needs. One way the Customer Success team focuses on customer experiences is by facilitating user panels where they conduct product feature studies. Our Customer Success User Panels include hundreds of user volunteers – these individuals dedicate their own time to give us feedback in a structured manner. From these meetings, the Customer Success team collects the data to form case studies that help to better inform our product teams. They remain true to their goal of doing what is best for our customers and enabling streamlined workflows while also inspiring product innovation.

In addition to driving improved user experience, the Customer Success team also works directly with our health plan partners. As members of the implementation team, they work to bridge the gap between providers and the health plan. Because they have such a deep understanding of the providers’ needs and what the health plan is trying to achieve with a particular implementation, they are in a unique position to influence the project and ensure both sides are satisfied. As a result, we can see how they play such an important role in driving a positive customer experience.

We sat down with the Director of Customer Success, Heather Benarick, to learn more about her role and team.

How important is it to keep the customer focus in our work?

It is our driving force. In our minds, “customer” means both user and health plan partners because both are equally important to the success of our business. Without our customers, where would we be? We firmly believe that each customer touchpoint is essential to their overall experience, from something as simple as logging into our platform to complex multi-step workflows like entering treatment plans.

What are our health plan partners’ greatest concerns?

The ultimate goal of our health plan partners is to drive down operational costs by delivering electronic solutions that replace phone calls to their support centers. This is true of both NaviNet and Eviti clients. NaviNet clients seek to reduce administrative costs and improve provider-payer collaboration, whereas Eviti clients come to us to ensure providers are using the most up to date evidence-based treatments while also reducing the administrative cost of authorizations.

How do we address these concerns?

We work with our health plan partners to drive provider offices to utilize our online solutions. 700+ new physician offices sign up for NaviNet each month which drives over 41 million electronic transactions! Each month, we see hundreds of new physician offices register for Eviti, our oncology clinical decision support and treatment validation platform. Additionally, thousands of approved evidence-based treatment plans receive an Eviti code, aligning payers and providers on each patient’s care.

How is user feedback considered as our products and features are being built?

The Customer Success team is responsible for the Voice of the Customer program at NantHealth. We collect client and user feedback at different touchpoints in the client and user lifecycles from annual surveys to post-interaction surveys after implementations, training sessions, and support calls. There are even mechanisms within our platforms for customers to be able to provide feedback at any time. We then analyze the results and hold quarterly feedback forums to summarize and present the results with recommendations. It’s an open forum for anyone that wants to hear what our customers are saying. Our product managers are truly engaged at these sessions; they are always front and center, ready for a lively discussion.

Describe the team dynamic?

Collectively we have a ton of healthcare experience. Our team draws on 54 years of healthcare experience prior to NantHealth plus a combined 68 years of tenure with NantHealth. This team works together amazingly well. I’ve never been part of a team that supports each other in work and in life quite as much as this one does. If one person struggles with a set of data or looking for a different perspective on a problem, there is always a chorus of others on the team willing to jump in and help.

What is the greatest compliment/feedback a user has given?

A customer having issues with complicated access configurations sent in this feedback about Trish Santoro from Customer Success:

I’d like to tell you about an experience I had with EXCEPTIONAL customer service. This is not the first time that I have reached out to Trish Santoro because, in general, she is extremely capable and always resolves my issues. This was going to have huge repercussions for our business since we would have to verify everything on the phone. So I reached out to Trish…she looked into it right away. She was in touch with me multiple times to give me updates, so I never had to wonder if anyone was working on my issue. She is your best of the best. NaviNet is lucky to have her.

What is the most rewarding part of your role?

The team! I feel so very fortunate to have such an amazing group who truly care about their contributions, quality of outcomes, and above all, the customers. I enjoy encouraging the team to break boundaries by coming up with innovative solutions to age-old problems. I feel the absolute best when we can celebrate a team member’s accomplishment using new and inventive methods. Jenn Coppola, our Customer Success data extraordinaire, wrapped up 2019 by increasing her health plan customer’s utilization by 48% by putting the right information in front of the right customers!

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