NaviNet Open

America’s leading payer-provider collaboration platform

NaviNet Open

Enhance collaboration across your provider network, while lowering administrative costs

NaviNet Open is a secure, multi-payer platform that lets payers and providers exchange vital administrative and clinical information in real-time, improving communications between payers and their provider networks.

The NaviNet Open Multi-Payer Portal consists of the following applications:

  • Eligibility and Benefits delivers membership verification, insurance coverage, and other benefit design information to your provider network and members
  • Claims Status Inquiry helps provider offices access detailed financial and claim status information in real-time
  • Claims Management enables claims investigation, correction, and submission to simplify the claims process
  • Authorizations lets provider offices submit authorization requests and access real-time authorization information, such as status updates, from health plans
  • Referrals allows provider offices to submit and access referral information in real-time, guiding patients to the best specialist at the most affordable cost
  • Document Exchange allows health plans and provider offices to exchange essential clinical and administrative information

NaviNet Open aligns the incentives of payers, providers, and patients.

  • Payers lower their administrative costs, while improving provider network collaboration.
  • Providers communicate seamlessly across health plans and focus more on care.
  • Patients benefit from less administrative complexity and greater transparency.

Improve collaboration between payers and providers
Payers and providers communicate electronically to help all members of the healthcare continuum align incentives, improve the quality of patient outcomes, and lower costs.

Lower administrative costs
Payers reduce customer service calls, faxes, and manual processes, freeing up time and resources for more value-adding activities.

Deliver clinical information in real-time
Share important, actionable clinical information to enable value-based care and optimize outcomes.

Obtain a full-service, multi-payer product offering
Lower total costs through faster implementation, predictable maintenance costs, and continuous product upgrades.

Receive exceptional customer service
From dedicated client engagement managers and deployment teams to training modules and 24-hour helplines, NantHealth is your full-service strategic partner.

NaviNet Open, America’s leading payer-provider collaboration network, accelerates provider engagement by connecting 48 health plans and 928,000 active user accounts.

NaviNet Provider Network

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