Make More Informed Choices—and Give Patients a Better Chance

With new cancer treatment studies and therapies being introduced at a rapid pace, it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest research and recommendations. A single decision can make a major difference on outcomes. NantHealth’s Eviti product suite can help you quickly and accurately choose the most appropriate treatment for your patients. Drawing on a comprehensive digital library of evidence-based treatment options, the Eviti product suite lets oncologists instantly compare and contrast potential treatments based on level of evidence, cost, expected outcomes, and toxicities. Better-informed decisions can mean better outcomes.

Cancer is Personal. Treatments Should Be Too.

Every patient is unique—and every treatment plan should be, too. NantHealth’s product suite arms oncologists with the tools to identify, research, and treat patients based on their individual diagnosis.


Number of active clinical trials accessible through Eviti.

Empowering High-Quality Treatment

Actionable information enables better-informed decisions.

  • Prescribe treatment plans with confidence.
  • Stay up to date with ever-changing treatment options.
  • Build a reputation for delivery of personalized, top-quality care.

Features and Benefits

Enable High-Quality Oncology Care

Gain access to a library of 4,600+ evidence-based treatment options and 9,100+ clinical trials. Filter based on cost, level of evidence, expected outcomes, and toxicities to inform a personalized treatment plan.

Ensure Compliance With Patient Health Plans

Gain pre-approval on treatments within payer guidelines when using Eviti Connect, the pre-authorization path of Eviti.

Teaming Up to Treat Cancer

Know All Your Options

A comprehensive library of evidence-based treatment plans and clinical trials.

  • Clinical Library – Identify treatment options across cancer types.
  • Instill Confidence – Access nationally accepted treatment options at the moment of prescription.
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