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“Statistically, seven out of ten patients will be resistant to at least one, if not both, drugs suggested by treatment guidelines. Someone who is really sick with a life-threatening lung cancer that can’t be treated surgically may realistically have only one shot at treatment. That means we don’t have six months to figure out that a treatment is not working. We have to get it right the first time.” —Dr. Steve Mamus, MD Cancer Center of Sarasota-Manatee

Solutions for Practices and Medical Groups

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Empower Treatment Decisions

NantHealth products gather personalized patient data, surfacing new insights for targeted treatments. More information can mean better decisions and potentially better outcomes—for you and your patients.

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Increase Treatment Efficiencies

70% of patients will be resistant to at least one drug suggested by treatment guidelines. With NantHealth’s Eviti Advisor, oncologists can consult a comprehensive library of cancer treatment options—comparing plans to identify the most promising fit for patients.

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Enable High-Quality Care

Cancer is personal—and with NantHeath’s Precision Insights and Eviti solutions, treatment can be too. Study each patient’s unique tumor molecular profile with GPS Cancer for greater confidence and empowered decision making. Gain access to evidence-based treatment options through Eviti Advisor and streamline the payer authorization process with Eviti Connect.

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Validate Treatment Options

There can be an array of treatment options at your fingertips, but navigating which is best for your patients can be cumbersome and time-consuming—and too much variability in care increases risk. The Eviti product suite provides ready access to nationally accepted, evidence-based standards so oncologists can feel fully confident in their recommendations.

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