Simplify the Path to Treatment Validation

Without systems support, physicians must consult multiple sources to keep up with ever-changing treatments in cancer care. Eviti Advisor eliminates the need to sort through multiple sources—and supports providers by enabling them to make knowledgeable decisions at the point of care and validating appropriate evidence-based treatments. Providers have the confidence of knowing their decisions are as accurate as possible, and patients are reassured that they’re receiving the best possible care.


The number of facts an oncologist must consider before making treatment decisions1—a burden lessened with assistance from Eviti’s evidence-based medical library.

Get More Precise With Recommendations

Getting the most accurate information is key to delivering effective care, especially when it comes to high-stakes illnesses. GPS Cancer, part of NantHealth’s Precision Insights family, is a more precise solution to understand each patient’s cancer. GPS Cancer generates a comprehensive molecular report for each case—and through the portal, providers are just one click away from evidence-based treatment options, powered by Eviti Advisor. Treatments are easily validated at the point of care with clear recommendations on the most cost-effective and patient-specific therapies.

Simplify Health Care Through Tech-Forward Solutions

Prompt treatment validation is an important element of modern health care. With NantHealth products, hospitals and health systems can:

  • Start treating patients more quickly.
  • Provide only the most appropriate therapies.
  • Save costs with better-informed treatment decisions.

Treatment Validation Product Solutions

Eviti Advisor

Eviti Advisor enables high-quality care through a comprehensive, evidence-based clinical library of oncology treatments and clinical trials. This information helps providers choose the most effective treatments for their patients.

Simplify Cancer Care

  • Streamline Care Options – Access a clinical library of 4,500+ evidence-based treatments and 8,800+ clinical trials.
  • Eliminate Variability – Avoid deviations in care with a system that promotes adherence to treatment standards.
  • Expect Transparency – View all evidence-based care options without financial bias.

Choose Effective Treatments Upfront

  • Target Therapies – Gain a deeper understanding of genetic mutations and other factors that affect care.
  • Personalize Care – Craft the right treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs.
  • Increase Effectiveness – By better understanding the molecular fingerprint of a given patient’s cancer, physicians can help increase the potential for a positive outcome.