Maximize Clinician Time

Deeper Patient Insights

The signature Precision Insights product, GPS Cancer, employs tumor-normal sequencing in order to surface molecular-level information about each patient. This gives providers unprecedented visibility into their specific symptoms and needs.

Make Hard Decisions Easier

With a better understanding of how a patient’s genetic makeup will affect treatment responses, physicians are better equipped to make optimal treatment decisions.

Product Solutions for Patient Outcomes

Gain a Molecular Understanding of Cancer

  • Target Therapies – Gain a deeper understanding of genetic mutations and other factors that affect care.
  • Personalize Care – Craft the right treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs.
  • Increase Effectiveness – By better understanding the molecular fingerprint of a given patient’s cancer, physicians can help improve the chance of a positive outcome.

Molecular Insights You Can Rely On

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GPS Cancer Physician Brochure

Cancer Care is Evolving. Oncologists use all the information available to make the best decisions for their patients. And yet, response rates for most cancer therapies remain low, with only 25% of cancer patients benefiting from the offered drug.

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