Further Enhancing NaviNet Open’s Ability to Tackle Payer-Provider Communication Challenges

LOS ANGELES-NantHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: NH) announced two exciting new product launches – Provider Initiated Document Exchange and Authorization Appeals – on the nation’s leading payer-provider collaboration platform, NaviNet® Open, at the 2018 AHIP Institute and Expo.

Today, the exchange of information between health plans and providers is a slow, manual, and tedious process that still relies on paperwork sent via fax and mail. Health plans and provider offices expend considerable time and effort sending administrative and clinical information manually, without confirmation that the information is received or relevant upon receipt.

NaviNet Open Document Exchange automates the exchange of administrative and clinical information in real-time between health plans and providers. This allows health plans to send documents to provider offices and request a response if desired. This facilitates a wide range of use cases, such as sharing risk adjustment information, quality measurement data, performance reports, and closing care gaps – workflows that have a major impact on a health plan’s business.

Adding onto these extensive capabilities, NantHealth is pleased to announce the launch of NaviNet Open Provider Initiated Document Exchange. Provider Initiated Document Exchange now enables provider offices to send documents to health plans without the health plan having to request them. A health plan simply selects the types of documents it would like to receive. Provider offices are then able to send these documents electronically. Setup is fast and simple so that health plans can start automating manual workflows right away.

With this launch, NaviNet Open Document Exchange now supports the broadest array of payer-provider collaboration use cases imaginable, including medical records collection, program enrollment, and many existing manual payer-provider workflows.

NantHealth also announces the launch of NaviNet Open Authorization Appeals. Authorization Appeals now lets a provider office appeal a denied authorization electronically. Within the Authorization’s workflow, the user simply searches for the denied authorization, selects the reason for appeal, and submits this information to the health plan, along with any supporting documentation. The current authorization appeals process is manual and onerous, with 84 percent of physicians reporting the administrative burden as “high or extremely high” according to the American Medical Association. Currently, manual authorization workflows are also among the costliest administrative transactions.

NantHealth is thrilled to offer these innovative solutions on NaviNet to facilitate greater operating efficiency, lower costs, and enhanced provider satisfaction. “Several of our health plan partners have expressed their enthusiasm for these collaboration solutions,” said Greg Dunko, SVP of Product and Program Management. “Our customers have played a significant role in their development, allowing us to continue paving the way for stronger communication between health plans and providers. We’re excited to be rolling these out.”

For more information about the significance and potential applications of Provider Initiated Document Exchange and Authorization Appeals, please visit the NantHealth booth #824 at the 2018 AHIP Institute and Expo or visit us online at www.nanthealth.com.

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