Expand Your NaviNet Network

Extend your NaviNet reach to include nearly all health plans in the area, regardless of if they are NaviNet partners—extending your reach to up to more than 1,000+ health plans. Streamline communication, information exchange, and data capture for all payer-provider interactions, and forgo the frustration—and administrative labor costs—of jumping from portal to portal, platform to platform, or phone line to phone line. Bring your investment in NaviNet to its full potential—and watch your savings and ROI soar.

Spread the Savings—and the Satisfaction

As the solution for all payer-provider interactions, NaviNet AllPayer streamlines payer-provider information exchange to make for smoother and more seamless communications. NaviNet AllPayer Solutions bridges communication across as many providers and payers as possible for any given area—mitigating data silos, miscommunication, and inaccurate or incomplete transfers of knowledge. Boost accuracy along with accessibility—and improve your relationships along the way.


Subscribing to the NaviNet Open platform saves both payer and provider staff countless hours talking—and staying on hold—on the phone, printing out documents, and completing faxes. It relieves many of the daily frustrations and costs associated with manual tasks—unlocking savings and boosting companies’ bottom lines and morale. NaviNet AllPayer Advantage applies the same model to all payer-provider relationships, communications, and information exchanges – elevating benefits, savings, and returns.
Make the most of your investment and reap the rewards of our most comprehensive package, allowing the ROI to ripple throughout your organization.


60% 0f payments will be in some form of value-based reimbursement contract within 5 years.

Discover the Perks of AllPayer Solutions

  • A familiar, fast, and cost-effective way to expand access to nearly all health plans in your area.
  • Combines the benefits and saving opportunities of AllPayer Advantage products.
  • Provides access to 1,000+ commercial and state Medicaid plans, plus Medicare.
  • A single login for all your plans, reducing time spent calling plans or jumping between payer portals.
  • Access additional information via the familiar, easy-to-use NaviNet portal.
  • Eligibility and benefit information is accessed and displayed in a consistent way for fast, seamless incorporation into existing workflows.
  • User-friendly and consistent display of eligibility and benefit information.
  • Claim Status for 500+ health plans.

Signing up for NaviNet AllPayer Advantage is as easy as 1-2-3

Signing up for NaviNet AllPayer Access is as easy as 1-2-3

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Complete the contact form and a NantHealth Representative will contact you within one business day. We’ll go over important platform details about NaviNet AllPayer Advantage and answer any questions you may have.

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How to Ease Administrative Burdens, Boost Billing Accuracy & Speed Payments

Today’s healthcare providers face unprecedented pressures to deliver high-quality patient care while at the same time, serve as stewards of profitable hospitals and practices. With the goal of maintaining clinical excellence as their top priority, the daily administrative demands of interacting with hundreds of payers and their individual payer portals, a lack of standards and transparency, and a lingering reliance on manual processes continues to plague healthcare practitioners and their staff.

NantHealth builds technology that simplifies healthcare.

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