GPS Cancer™: Unique, Comprehensive Molecular Test

Entering the era of complete genomics and proteomics

GPS Cancer™ is a unique, comprehensive molecular test offered by NantHealth. GPS Cancer integrates whole genome (DNA) sequencing, whole transcriptome (RNA) sequencing, and quantitative proteomics, providing oncologists with a detailed molecular profile of a patient’s cancer to inform personalized treatment strategies. This unique test:

  • Includes whole genome sequencing of over 20,000 genes and 3 billion base pairs
  • Incorporates whole transcriptome sequencing of over 200,000 RNA transcripts
  • Leverages the power of quantitative proteomics
  • Compares a patient’s tumor genome to their normal genome

GPS Cancer – The Era of Clinical Proteomics is Here

The GPS Cancer report lists potential treatment options (if applicable), including FDA-approved targeted therapies with potential for clinical benefit, active clinical trials of therapies with potential clinical benefit, and/or available therapies to which the cancer may be resistant.

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