NaviNet Drug Authorizations

Submit prior authorizations for all plans and any medication

Expedite Drug Prior Authorizations On NaviNet

NaviNet has partnered with CoverMyMeds® to deliver NaviNet Drug Authorizations, a free solution that help providers electronically submit prior authorizations for any drug and all plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. NaviNet Drug Authorizations streamlines the prior authorization (PA) process by eliminating administrative waste, increasing provider satisfaction, and most importantly, providing better patient care with quicker access to prescribed medications. NaviNet Drug Authorizations lowers the time staff spends on the phone and replaces it with an efficient, online authorization request process that takes just minutes per submission. Join thousands of offices already submitting prior authorizations online today.

Getting Started is Easy

  1. Login to NaviNet Open
  2. Click “Drug Authorizations” under the Workflows” tab in the upper left corner of the page
  3. Click “Create New…” to start a new PA request

Accelerate prior authorizations

  • Automate the prior authorization process for any drug and all plans.

Minimize Costs

  • Lower administrative costs with less faxing and phone calls.

Improve patient care

  • Receive faster determinations, often in real-time. Best of all, it’s free for prescribers and their staff!

What Providers Are Saying

“The #1 reason why I love NaviNet is because it helps get my patients’ drug prior authorizations approved quickly. There is no other network that automates the process while also checking eligibility with multiple health plans. Patients are thankful we quickly determine if their medication is covered. I’ve been submitting authorization requests for more than 11 years and NaviNet is the best yet!”

- Carmen Navarro, Medical Assistant, Radiant Primary Care

“NaviNet Drug Authorizations is one of the best tools there is. It’s one stop authorization, no matter the insurance. It’s easy, quick, it’s convenient. You’re not flipping from site to site to put in authorizations for different insurances.”

- Cathy, Medical Office Manager, Parkstone Medical Associates