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5 variables
per decision

Human cognition can examine a maximum of 5 variables per treatment decision without systems support, and there can be thousands of treatment decision considerations for each patient with cancer.1

Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems

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Empower Treatment Decisions

Clearing the path to proven, cost-effective treatment options is essential for delivering high-quality care. NantHealth provides decision-making solutions that streamline the way providers and payers interact—and empower clinicians to quickly identify proven treatment options for patients in their care.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

More informed care is better care. When clinicians are equipped with timely, error-free patient data and evidence-based, personalized treatment insights, their point-of-care decisions improve significantly—as does the likelihood of positive patient outcomes.

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Increase Treatment Efficiencies

Rooting out inefficiency is crucial to getting—and keeping—patients on the path to wellness. From integrated data systems that put personalized, relevant, accurate patient information at providers’ fingertips, to tools that translate molecular-level insight into patient symptoms, NantHealth eliminates the barriers to optimal care.

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Enable High-Quality Care

Providers and payers both want to provide the best patient care at a reasonable cost—but the two don’t always go hand-in-hand. NantHealth’s solutions enable unprecedented visibility into high-quality care decisions that align the interests of providers, payers, and patients. That means everyone gets the best of both worlds: superior care at the lowest expense.

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Validate Treatment Options

Inefficient or ineffective treatments cost the healthcare industry millions of dollars per year. But with instant access to personalized, evidence-based treatment options—as well as the ability to validate and secure pre-approval on those treatments at the moment of prescriptions—physicians and patients alike can have peace of mind knowing they’re making the best possible decision.

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