NantHealth as a whole takes steps to protect patient data at all costs. Accordingly, our NaviNet platform is designed and built to the most rigorous security standards, then meticulously maintained to prevent new threats as they arise—and endure safe information transfer at all times.

Comprehensive Security Offers Peace of Mind

With comprehensive security technology, providers, payers, and patients alike can rest easier knowing their information is safe from prying eyes. NaviNet deploys advanced security protocols to protect private information, including:

  • Configurable user permissions
  • Multi-level access controls
  • Designated information security officers
  • Comprehensive account controls

NaviNet does all of this while maintaining—and surpassing—HIPAA compliance guidelines. Putting the security of patient data first is a requirement of putting patients first—and something to which we are wholly committed.

Your NaviNet Security Officer Is There to Help

NaviNet Security Officers are well-trained to keep data secure and protected. They are your go-to source for managing security practices within each provider practice. Their responsibilities include:

  • Registering the provider office on NaviNet and maintaining the list of providers they represent, simply by providing Tax IDs and NPIs; NantHealth does the rest to match the office to each health plan provider network.
  • Creating and terminating user accounts, and maintaining security, even as provider staff come and go and responsibilities shift.
  • Resetting users’ passwords as needed to maintain login security, across users and over time.
  • Configuring users’ health plan workflow permissions, allowing access to only the necessary information—for every user, in every realm.

Solutions to Ensure Secure Information Exchange

Modern Security for Modern Healthcare

  • Default Permissions – Configure NaviNet settings to allow default access for every type of user.
  • Trained Security Officers – NaviNet security officers are trained to anticipate and address security concerns before they arise—and can manage situations immediately when they do.
  • Comprehensive Account Controls – Trained in your organization’s methods and protocols, your NaviNet security officer precisely manages account controls to nullify risk of data leaks.