Pay for the Right Care, at the Right Time

Specialty care is complex—and only getting more so. Every day new treatments, therapies, and trials are being brought to market. But while the promise of each new medical breakthrough is exciting, the influx adds complications to an already burdensome reimbursement process.

NantHealth is simplifying care reimbursement for payers, making it easier to pay for the right care at the right time.



The cost of unwarranted care per patient, excluding unnecessary hospitalization (both medical and radiation oncology, averaged).1


Number of practices using Eviti Connect nationwide.

Pre-Authorize Care—and Streamline Reimbursement

Accurate payment begins at the moment of prescription. When providers and payers are aligned on treatment for each patient the reimbursement piece gets simpler.

That alignment is what Eviti Connect makes possible. The cloud-based platform enables payers to compare thousands of evidence-based, nationally-recognized treatments and trials. Based on positive outcomes, cost, reimbursement opportunities, and what falls within your unique health plan guidelines, you can optionally indicate your preferred treatment options to providers.

Providers can use Eviti Connect to compare treatments and trials with clear visibility into treatments validated against evidence-based standards. With this new, unprecedented level of transparency, you, your providers, and even your members can align on treatment selection—leading to faster, more accurate reimbursement.

Smarter Decisions. Simpler Reimbursements.

Align on Treatment from Day One

Collaborate more effectively with providers to select treatments that maximize solutions and cost-efficiency.

  • Automate Authorization – Streamline the approval process to start care faster, while reducing administrative burden.
  • Collaborate with Confidence – Evidence-based treatments give all stakeholders peace of mind.
  • Optional Preferences – Drive providers to more cost-effective therapies with configurable drug preferences.

Claims Management

  • Supports both batch and real-time claim submission and adjudication, delivering instant, automated processing.
  • Integrated Claims Management solution simplifies the claims process by eliminating phone calls, costly paper claims, and other manual processes associated with claims follow-up, correction, and resubmission.

References: 1 The Cost per Patient of Deviations from Evidence-based Standards of Oncology Care. Poster session presented at The American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.