NantHealth’s Eviti Connect and NaviNet platforms can minimize the time spent on inefficient workflows. Eviti Connect makes it easy to approve evidence-based treatments, reducing the amount of time spent on approvals, appeals, and delays. NaviNet, an open platform for payers to connect with the providers in their network, makes sharing vital clinical information feel almost effortless.

Focus on the Patient, Not the Paperwork

As a payer, you want to collaborate with providers to deliver the most appropriate care possible to patients. But paperwork, legacy technologies, and inefficient processes can quickly eclipse A+ care.

When clinicians use software like NaviNet, decreased administrative complexity leads to greater levels of patient care. And with Eviti Connect, payers can approve high-quality, high-value treatments, therefore reducing administrative burden and manual tasks, as well as denials and appeals.

In the pursuit of quality patient care, payers turn to NantHealth’s Eviti Connect and NaviNet systems.

32 million

Thanks to the software’s ease of use and the benefit of increased operational efficiency, an average of 32 million health plan interactions occur on NaviNet’s platform every month.

Minimize Internal Resource Labor Solutions

Simplify the Flow of Information

  • Document Exchange – Connects payer and providers to securely exchange vital administrative information.
  • Claims Status Inquiry – Provider offices can access in-depth claim status information in real-time, with extensive claims management workflows including investigation, appeals and attachments.
  • Authorizations – Provider offices can submit and access real-time authorization information, taking the burden from the payer.

Get Straight to Better Health

  • Validate Treatments – Ensure that physician-prescribed treatment regimens meet evidence-based standards so that your members receive high-quality care.
  • Up-To-Date Information – The Eviti Library is populated and updated regularly with regimens that are recommended by consensus groups, have supporting clinical trial data, and include only FDA approved drugs.