Modernize Your Operation With Minimal Disruption

The systems your payer organization relies on today are crucial to your productivity. Your staff relies on these tools to complete the tasks that they are deeply familiar with—so switching to a new system is never easy, even if the long-term goal is to simplify procedures.

NantHealth knows that change management is crucial to bringing your organization on board. We obsess over the details of your organization’s transition, making sure staff is comfortable with the new technology, that it’s accurately and securely configured, and most of all, that it works the way you do. We show you NantHealth’s service-first attitude from day one—and we maintain it for every interaction you have with our staff.

Onboard Partners Quickly

Get providers in your network on board fast—NaviNet requires no software updates or hardware replacements. The quick-to-implement platform helps reduce unwarranted authorizations, provide health plan-specific search filters, and enable real-time inquiries and submissions.

Upgrade Provider Relationships

Improve cornerstone relationships with providers using high-touch technology that makes it easier than ever to communicate. Both payers and providers simply need an internet-equipped device to benefit from NaviNet’s communication-centric interface.

Improve Information Accuracy

Health plans rely on up-to-date provider data, which isn’t always possible to obtain from manual records. Manual entry errors or delays can impede payers from processing claims efficiently and accurately—but NaviNet helps streamline communication with real-time document exchange and provider directories.

Platform Data Serviced Regularly

Clinical regimens are updated regularly, ensuring that providers have access to the most current treatment recommendations. Eviti’s web-based platform does it all, so your organization doesn’t have to work to get providers up to speed.

Ensure Evidence-Based Treatment

Payers can play a key role in ensuring appropriate cancer care for their members with Eviti’s library of evidence-based treatment regimens matched to health plan guidelines.

Enable Consistent, Cost-Effective Care

Eviti by NantHealth is an easy-to-implement web-based platform that validates provider-recommended treatment with evidence-based standards to ensure consistent, compliant cancer treatments. Regimen details are easy to understand and help physicians make informed treatment decisions for cancer patients.

Low-Lift Solutions with High Rewards

NaviNet Implementation Features

  • Onboard partners immediately with an accessible, web-based platform.
  • Implement at little cost with a hardware-free solution.
  • Store volumes of patient information—whether it’s 10 or 10 million covered lives.

Eviti Implementation Features

  • Implementation can be as quick as 90 days.
  • Customizable options speak directly to your organization’s needs.
  • Onboarding trains staff on how to work the program—support lines are available for assistance after go-live.
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