Maximize the Right Care—and Minimize Denials and Appeals

When it comes to specialty care, the number of treatment denials and appeals are staggering—not to mention expensive for everyone involved. It costs in terms of money, time, and energy, whether it’s increased administrative labor on your back end, friction in your provider relationships, or precious time wasted in a patient’s journey. NantHealth has technologies and treatment data designed to minimize denials and appeals.


The cost of unwarranted care per patient, excluding unnecessary hospitalization (both medical and radiation oncology, averaged).1

$100 Billion

Annual direct health care costs associated with treating autoimmune diseases.2

Align With Providers at the Moment of Prescription

Denials and appeals are a symptom of a system where providers and payers don’t communicate and collaborate as effectively as they could. NantHealth’s healthcare payer solution Eviti Connect is a cloud-based platform that enables payers and providers to align on treatment for a patient—at the moment of prescription.

Eviti Connect curates evidence-based, nationally-recognized treatments—and puts them in the hands of your providers, wherever they practice. Because the treatments are proven effective—and because Eviti Connect is powered by a library that’s always updated—you and your providers can more easily align on treatments for patients from day one. This reduces denials and appeals, and speeds up your members’ path to better health.


Number of practices using Eviti Connect nationwide.

Map of the United States with points marked to show where NantHealth products are used.

Smarter Decisions. Simpler Reimbursements.

Align on Treatment from Day One

Collaborate more effectively with providers to select treatments that maximize solutions and cost-efficiency.

  • Automate Authorization – Streamline the approval process to start care faster, while reducing administrative burden.
  • Collaborate with Confidence – Evidence-based treatments give all stakeholders peace of mind.
  • Optional Preferences – Drive providers to more cost-effective therapies with configurable drug preferences.

User-Friendly Multi-Payer Portal

  • Bi-Directional communications
  • Enables real-time exchange of HIPAA-compliant authorization submission
  • Support for clinical attachments
  • Helps save money by eliminating administrative waste

Reference: 1 The Cost per Patient of Deviations from Evidence-based Standards of Oncology Care. Poster session presented at The American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.
2 American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA)

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