NantHealth Solutions for Healthcare Payer Organizations

Helping Payers Thrive in a Changing Healthcare System


Estimated amount the healthcare industry could save with electronic transactions.1


92% of payers think alternative payment models can lead to better quality care.2


85% of payers believe alternative payment models can lower costs.2

Solutions for Healthcare Payer Organizations

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Lower Costs

The best treatments at the most appropriate cost. Faster, more efficient communication and collaboration with providers. Eliminating spending on unwarranted care. Fewer time-consuming denials and appeals. NantHealth’s cutting-edge products power all of these cost-saving benefits and more—for payers, their provider networks, and the patients they serve.

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Reduce Care Variability

NantHealth’s tools power more consistent care by putting pre-authorized treatments at providers’ fingertips. That means less time on the phone, shorter wait times for patients to begin treatments, and greater predictability in costs. This way, not only do your members get the best treatment faster, but you stop paying for unwarranted or sub-optimal care.

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Ensure Appropriate Reimbursement

As provider forms and paperwork pile up, an already complex payment system becomes even more complicated. NantHealth simplifies the treatment validation process, powering paperless processes (that save time and reduce error), and seamless communication between you and your providers—all of which adds up to timely, accurate reimbursement.

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Reduce Denials and Appeals

Denials and appeals cost professionals time and money—and they add to patient anxiety. NantHealth’s innovations eliminate many of the needless disconnections and disparities that lead to denials and appeals—and align payer, provider, and patient interests to clear the path to optimal care.

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Validate Treatments

The sooner you can validate treatments, the sooner your members get the care they need. NantHealth enables you to automatically validate treatments according to your plan policies and preferences. Providers have the answers they need at the point of care, patients don’t have to wait for treatment, and you’re assured that the care administered falls within your plan guidelines.

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Improve Provider Relationships

The future of health care depends on providers and payers working better together. That requires more transparency, less inefficiency, improved communication and collaboration, and increased clarity around prescribing the best treatments at the best price within each patient’s specific health plan—all of which are powered by NantHealth’s products.

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Ensure Secure Information Exchange

In all aspects of health care, privacy and security are crucial. NantHealth understands the value of your client’s data, so we take every precaution to ensure it’s safe from outside or unauthorized parties. Our cloud-based tools are continually updated with the maximum security precautions, with an emphasis on individual protection.

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Streamline Implementation and Deployment

Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness without interrupting your current workflow. From EMR-agnostic solutions, to a full-time support staff who are well-versed in the operational details of running a modern payer operation, NantHealth makes it simple for you to upgrade to better tools and processes—with minimal disruption.

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Minimize Internal Resources Labor

Working with outdated technologies slows the path to care, requires extra effort from your staff, and leads to costly errors and time-consuming issues. By designing tools that automate manual tasks and streamline payer-provider collaboration, interactivity is maximized and expensive redundancies are avoided.

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The Destination for Payer-Provider Collaboration

  • A secure, multi-payer web portal that lets payers and providers exchange vital administrative and clinical information in real-time.
  • Improves provider relationships by granting centralized—and real-time—access to information
  • Reduces time spent on complaint mitigation and troubleshooting on both sides—simplifying workflows