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Proven in oncology, the Eviti Connect payer solution expands to help reduce reimbursement inefficiencies and manage drug costs for disease that affects over 50 million people in the United States 

El Segundo, CA – May 5, 2021 – NantHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: NH), a provider of enterprise solutions that help businesses transform complex data into actionable insights, today announced the launch of Eviti Connect for autoimmune diseases, aimed at helping payers and providers realize the quickest path to approving cost-effective, quality care for patients. Eviti Connect is a go-to resource in the oncology space and has helped providers find evidence-based care for more than 345,000 cancer patients while saving payers hundreds of millions of dollars. NantHealth is now expanding the use of its expertise, data, and resources to aid providers and payers in navigating the costs and treatment options of autoimmune diseases.

Approximately 50 million* people in the United States are currently living with an autoimmune disease, and the associated direct healthcare cost for treating autoimmune diseases in the United States is high at around $100 billion** annually. With more than 80** known autoimmune diseases, it is the second* leading cause of chronic illnesses, particularly in women.

“We’ve been a customer of the Eviti Connect oncology product for many years and are now excited to be part of shaping the offering for autoimmune diseases,” said Mary Barone-Leitch, Vice President of Medical and Quality Management, Maryland Physicians Care, A Maryland Managed Care Plan. “Managing the cost of drugs used to treat autoimmune diseases is a challenge we face, and with the help of Eviti Connect, we expect to get a better handle on those costs in a similar fashion we have seen with oncology.”

This next chapter of Eviti, built on a new, flexible, extensible platform, enables NantHealth to expand into other disease areas beyond oncology and autoimmune in the future. It helps payers:

  • Extend the knowledge of their clinical teams with independent expertise.
  • Streamline staff authorization workflows, allowing them to focus on more high-value tasks.
  • Manage brand, biosimilar, and generic drug use for best-expected outcomes, pricing, and reimbursement.
  • Confirm that member care complies with medical policy, pharmacy policy, and step therapy requirements.
  • Redirect treatment delivery to optimal sites of care when clinically appropriate to manage costs.

“Patients, providers, and payers deserve comprehensive, evidence-based guidance for treatment of complex diseases. Continued improvements in healthcare require more interoperability and data liberation. So use of the right technology helps all stakeholders, allowing providers and payers to perform at their highest levels, while patients have access to the best treatment and better outcomes,” said Dr. William Flood, Chief Medical Officer for Eviti at NantHealth. “Eviti Connect is a powerful and proven tool that gives payers and providers the confidence to prescribe and reimburse high-quality, value-based care, realizing the quickest path to approving cost-effective, quality care for patients. We are thrilled to open up this crucial resource to autoimmune patients across the country.”

Eviti Connect is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), evidence-based decision support and treatment validation platform that gives providers and payers confidence to prescribe and reimburse high-quality, high-value care. For ten years, it has helped payers and providers navigate the complexities of cancer care. The launch of Eviti Connect for autoimmune diseases targets another increasingly complex healthcare challenge aiming to save time on appeals and expedite optimal patient care while managing payer costs.

For more information about Eviti Connect, visit the website.

* American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association
**National Institute of Allergy and Infections Diseases


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