What is Eviti Connect?

Eviti Connect a web-based platform that connects health plans and oncology practices for the authorization of oncology treatments in real-time, validating cancer treatment decisions with evidence-based medicine before treatment begins.

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What is the Eviti Evidence-based Medical Library?

The Eviti Evidence-based Medical Library contains over 4,000 peer-reviewed, evidence-based, multi-modality oncology regimens encoded in proprietary format to allow interpretation and action by the Eviti platform. The Library is managed within the Eviti proprietary content management system by a team of oncology and information professionals. The clinical content is developed through comprehensive study and surveillance of the accepted standards of practice, national oncology consensus group practice guidelines, and published clinical trials.

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How does Eviti Connect pre-authorize treatments?

Eviti Connect compares patient diagnosis and provider-recommended treatment details against evidence-based standards, payer-specific plan language, and reimbursement requirements. If everything aligns, an Eviti Code is generated, which can serve as a payer’s authorization.

How does Eviti Connect help minimize care variability?

Eviti Connect can help reduce variability in care across a payer population by shifting unexpected patterns of care to evidence-based approaches and shedding light on the appropriateness of submitted treatment plans for each individual patient.

I’d like to request a product demo. Who can I contact?

Let us show you how Eviti Connect can transform the quality of cancer care for your member population.

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How can I purchase Eviti Connect?

Health plans interested in contracting with NantHealth to roll out Eviti Connect for oncology treatment authorization can contact us at 1-800-WHY-NANT (1-800-949-6268) to be connected with a member of our sales team.

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What can I expect from the implementation process?

Payers can implement Eviti Connect in as few as 90 days. The process includes collaborating with NantHealth’s team to optimize integration with your pre-existing workflows.

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What happens when a treatment plan does not receive an Eviti code?

Many treatment plans will receive an automatic Eviti code. For those that do not, NantHealth’s clinical operations team—comprised of oncology-certified nurses, oncology-certified nurse practitioners, and board-certified oncologists—reviews plans on a case-by-case basis.

Patient and plan data is first checked for accuracy, and then clinical expertise is employed to determine if the treatment plan is evidence-based, medically justified, or requires further discussion. Afterward, the plan is assigned an Eviti code or an alternative treatment plan is suggested. This thorough process is indicative of NantHealth and Eviti’s commitment to high-quality, high-value care.

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