eviti®: Comprehensive Oncology Clinical Decision Support Platform

Defining the right treatment before treatment begins

eviti® is a SaaS-based, point-of-care clinical decision support solution that allows oncologists to assess treatment regimens across a variety of metrics – including outcomes, cost, and level of evidence – and select a clinically-appropriate treatment. eviti consists of three applications – eviti Advisor, eviti Advisor Enterprise, and eviti Connect® – that together enable advanced cancer care by aligning the priorities of physicians, payors, and patients at the moment of clinical prescribing.

eviti Advisor

  • Delivers personalized and evidence-based regimens to inform treatment decisions
  • Provides access to digital libraries of evidence-based standards for cancer care and searches among 2,500+ cancer treatment regimens and nearly 13,000 clinical trials for over 40 different anatomical locations
  • Simplifies ordering by exporting treatment protocols to the electronic health record (EHR) for order execution

eviti Advisor Enterprise

  • Equips practice networks and academic centers to prescribe quality care through systematic oversight and the management of oncological treatment selection across all providers and practice locations
  • Enables all providers within a practice to quickly identify practice-preferred regimens, and monitors and displays adherence to these preferred practice or facility regimens
  • Allows providers to identify clinical trials available at a practice site

eviti Connect

  • Allows health plans to provide oncologists in their network with immediate pre-authorization for cancer treatment. Payors have visibility at the moment of prescribing and providers can be sure that the treatment they recommend for their patients meet the clinical requirements for reimbursement
  • Improves claim processing efficiency and helps reduce denials and appeals by issuing a “eviti code” when a physician chooses an approved evidence-based clinical pathway, thereby validating appropriate treatment and pre-adjudicating the claim

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