Culver City, CA – March 18, 2019 – NantHealth, Inc. (NASDAQ: NH),announced an agreement with Northwest Fire Fighters Benefits Trust (NWFFT), one of the largest firefighter healthcare trusts in the US, to ensure all NWFFT covered plan members with access to NantHealth’s GPS Cancer and Liquid GPS molecular profiling tests.  Comprehensive molecular information may enable physicians to make personalized treatment strategies for cancer based on the individual’s tumor and genetic profile.  NWFFT is present in the states of Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada and Washington.

“Firefighters risk their lives every day for public safety, often exposing themselves to carcinogens. Cancer rates are much higher in firefighters than the average population, and each NWFFT covered member deserve to have the most innovative and comprehensive tools available to fight this disease.  Ensuring access to GPS Cancer and Liquid GPS tests from NantHealth is the right things to do,” said Trust Chairman Greg Markley

GPS Cancer® offer a comprehensive molecular profile providing precision insights that include the analysis of a patient’s tumor genome compared to their normal genome and uses DNA sequencing (20,000 genes, 3 billion base pairs) with RNA expression (over 200,000 transcripts) unique to each patient.  In addition, pharmacogenomic analysis is provided that may indicate genetic influences to certain cancer treatment drugs.  This robust test report provides more information that may guide oncologists to eliminate potential false positive drug targets and tailor treatment decisions for the best possible outcomes based on a patient’s unique profile.

Liquid GPS is a blood-based molecular test that allows oncologists to analyze specific mutational targets when tumor tissue is not available with cfDNA and cfRNA, and provides the ability to monitor mutational response to treatment evaluating quantitative cfRNA.

“Cancer is impacting the lives of fire fighters at a greater rate than we’ve seen in the past and as compared with the general population in the U.S., making it crucial to provide them with the most advanced healthcare strategies and technology available,” said Dr. Sandeep “Bobby” Reddy, Chief Medical Officer of NantHealth.  “We are steadfast in our commitment to support the brave men and women of NWFFT, which was made possible through our deeply trusted partnership with the International Association of Fire Fighters.”

About NantHealth:

NantHealth, a member of the NantWorks ecosystem of companies, provides leading solutions across the continuum of care for physicians, payers, patients and biopharmaceutical organizations.  NantHealth enables the use of cutting edge data and technology towards the goal of empowering clinical decision support and improving patient outcomes.  NantHealth’s comprehensive product portfolio combines the latest technology in molecular analysis (GPS Cancer® and Liquid GPS®), payer/provider platforms that exchange information in near-real time (NaviNet and Eviti), and connected care solutions that deliver Medical Device Interoperability (MDI).  NantHealth’s GPS Cancer® molecular profiling provides comprehensive DNA & RNA tumor-normal profiling combined with pharmacogenomics analysis.  Liquid GPS® provides non-invasive testing of cfDNA and cfRNA to monitor cancer mutations and potentially select targeted therapies, chemotherapies, and immunotherapies.  For more information, please visit

About Northwest Firefighters Benefits Trust:

Northwest Fire Fighters Benefits Trust (NWFFT) is a Union-sponsored Health and Welfare Trust fund available to fire departments across the United States. Launched in 2013, NWFFT brings fire fighters and their families’ comprehensive, affordable and sustainable health plans.  NWFFT creates a “like risk” pool of firefighters that provides access to both active and retiree health insurance. NWFFT is currently serving participating Locals in the states of Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Nevada and Washington.

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