Powering Smarter Cancer Care at a Lower Cost

Complex and ever-changing, the cancer care landscape produces staggering amounts of unwarranted and less-than-optimal care. Obviously, this comes at a great expense to your members. But it also inhibits your ability to operate sustainably—let alone play your part in improving patient outcomes.

NantHealth is committed to improving this by creating technologies that marry the latest in precision cancer medicine with the utmost in value-based care—reducing costs, while improving patient outcomes.

The Best, Cost-Effective Care

The earlier payers and providers can align on cancer treatment regimens, the better. Eviti Connect by NantHealth makes it possible.

Powered by a vast and ever-expanding library of evidence-based, nationally recognized treatments and clinical trials, Eviti Connect lets payers validate treatment plans for each patient at the moment of prescription. The result is a more efficient, cost-effective, and personalized path to optimal care.

Providers can use Eviti Advisor to do their own comparison of proven treatment options—with complete visibility into payer preferences. This transparency gives them the power to prescribe with confidence, knowing the treatments they select have demonstrated positive outcomes and will be validated by you as a payer.


Number of oncology practices using Eviti Connect nationwide.

Science-Based Treatments. Cost-Effective Outcomes.

Appropriate, More Affordable Care

Collaborate more effectively with providers to select cancer treatments that maximize solutions and cost-efficiency.

  • Automate Authorization – Streamline the approval process to start care faster, while reducing administrative burden.
  • Collaborate with Confidence – Evidence-based treatments give all stakeholders peace of mind.
  • Optional Preferences – Indicate to providers which proven treatments and clinical trials you prefer.

Reduce Costs

  • Centralize all of your electronic workflows on the NaviNet Open platform
  • Automate phone calls, faxes, and mail transactions
  • Get the right information to the right people at the right time which can positively affect outcomes and satisfaction
  • Exchange clinical notes, imaging, and treatment plans through the same central portal

Reduce the amount spent on non-evidence-based care


How Much Are You Spending on Ineffective Oncology Care?

According to a multi-year study performed in association with professionals from Abramson Cancer Center and Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, the cost of unwarranted components of oncology treatments averaged $25,579 per member with cancer. Multiply that by the number of cancer cases seen annually, and the number can quickly add up to millions of dollars spent on ineffective care.

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