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vitality_glowcapMedication non-adherence is a major public health dilemma that adversely impacts patient outcomes and increases health care utilization and associated costs.  Though there are a number of reasons why patients fail to adhere to medication regimens, reasons for unintentional non-adherence commonly include: failure to remember precise timing, proper dosing, or the refilling of prescriptions.  Non-medical adherence may easily compound over time, especially in patients with chronic conditions, resulting in potentially serious complications and otherwise avoidable healthcare costs.

Vitality GlowCap is an easy-to-use, comprehensive medication adherence system comprised of a smart cap and bottle, DeviceConX Mobile Application, and the Vitality Medication Adherence Portal.  Automated visual and audible alerts during scheduled dosage windows signal that it is time for the user to take his or her medications.  At the user’s request, adherence information may be shared with clinicians, care managers, and trusted family and friends. In a study conducted by Partners HealthCare – The Center for Connected Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School, Vitality GlowCap was proven to improve medication adherence. Discover a new, smarter approach to medication adherence.

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This simple, yet effective solution has proven its ability to increase medication adherence, which leads to improved quality of care and lower costs.

Providers and other members of the care team are able to monitor the individual’s adherence to medications in an automated, non-invasive manner.

Whether near or far, trusted family and friends gain comfort and peace of mind knowing their loved ones are adhering to their medications.

Partners Healthcare Study

Medication non-adherence is a widespread problem across many disorders.  Despite this, few trials have studied the effectiveness of adherence interventions to improve medication adherence rates.

A six-month randomized control trial was conducted by Partners Healthcare to assess the effectiveness of GlowCaps across a sample of patients diagnosed with hypertension.  A high-proportion of hypertension patients experience challenges adhering to their medications within months of starting treatment.  Participants randomized into the financial incentive and the non-incentive intervention groups received fully activated GlowCap systems, while those in the control group received the GlowCap pill bottle with no features activated.

About 95% of participants in the financial incentive intervention group and 86% in the non-financial incentive group achieved an overall 80% medication adherence rate.  In the control group, only 45% of participants met this target.  Additionally, participants randomized into the intervention groups (i.e., financial incentive group, no financial incentive group) took their medications much closer to their actual scheduled dose times than the control group.  Approximately 91% of the participants felt that just having the GlowCaps system in their home made them take their medication more regularly.

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†Partners HealthCare – Center for Connected Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School †“The Impact of GlowCaps Connect and its Services on Hypertension Medication Adherence,” Jethwani, Kamal, Watson, Alice, et. al. Partners HealthCare – Center for Connected Health, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, 2010