Fewer Ineffective Treatments. More Cures.

Cancer is complex. What works for one patient may not be appropriate for another. With the comprehensive, clinically backed insights provided by NantHealth’s product suite, you can be confident in prescribing personalized treatments—and curbing costly inefficiencies.

A Better Path to Best Practice

No two cases of cancer are the same. In the era of precision medicine, deliver comprehensive, high-quality care with Precision Insights’ molecular profiling solutions.

Study Patients’ Molecular Profiles

Cancer is personal. Through careful DNA and RNA genomic sequencing, Precision Insights ensures that your treatments can be too.

Efficient Solutions for Superior Care

Target Tumors—Down to Their DNA

Build and understand an extensive, tissue-based molecular profile.

  • Develop Insight-Based Therapies – Pinpoint clinically relevant mutations to inform treatment options.
  • Personalize Care – Craft the right treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs.
  • Increase Effectiveness – Through DNA and RNA sequencing, avoid incompatible therapies by confirming genetic disparities upfront.