Build a Reputation for High-Quality Care

Effective treatments earn patients’ trust: it’s as simple as that. Build a reputation for personalized, high-quality care to benefit your patients—and your practice.


78% of U.S. physicians said patients trust their doctors less than they did 10 years ago. In a technology-driven era, solutions like NantHealth’s Precision Insights are helping practitioners focus on delivering high-quality care that inspires confidence.1

Putting Peace of Mind Into Practice

Confidently care for patients by leveraging NantHealth’s suite of high-quality solutions, designed to improve your practice—and patient outcomes.

Better Solutions That Build Trust

Deliver high-quality care with NantHealth.

  • Increase communication and collaboration with fellow oncologists.
  • Gain molecular insights into each individual case of cancer.
  • Reduce errors—and earn patient trust—by automating administrative data entry.

Maintaining a High-Quality Reputation

Show patients you care by accessing NantHealth’s comprehensive suite of healthcare solutions.

Greater Insights

Get detailed tumor profiles to target cancer down to its DNA with Precision Insights.

Putting More Care Into Health Care

Precision Insights

An extensive set of molecular profiling and decision support solutions, Precision Insights equips oncologists with the evidence-based treatment options to build precise plans.

Target Tumors—Down to Their DNA

Build and understand an extensive, tissue-based molecular profile.

  • Develop Insight-Based Therapies – Pinpoint clinically relevant mutations to inform treatment options.
  • Personalize Care – Put in place the right treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs.
  • Increase Effectiveness – Through DNA and RNA sequencing, avoid incompatible therapies by confirming genetic disparities upfront.