Improve Treatment Efficiency With Unprecedented Insight

When it comes to navigating the nuances of cancer care, it’s more important than ever for oncologists to have precise information about each individual patient. But not all of the diagnostic tools available can record a patient’s cancer on the molecular level. NantHealth’s Precision Insights can, offering advanced tools to pinpoint the exact genetic makeup of a tumor—and compare it against a patient’s non-affected DNA and RNA. With these insights, physicians can choose a therapy that accounts for the patient’s overall health, including any genetic mutations or resistance to certain medications. The result is a highly personalized treatment plan designed around each individual patient’s unique biology.

Breaking Down Barriers to Quality Care

Ultimately, care decisions come down to the quality of the resources providers have available. NantHealth solutions can help increase treatment efficiency by:

  • Putting accurate, up-to-date data at providers’ fingertips
  • Carving out more one-on-one time for patients and providers
  • Improving the accuracy of results before treatment is prescribed

Treatment Efficiency Product Solutions

Make Smarter Treatment Decisions

Build and understand an extensive, tissue-based molecular profile.

  • Pinpoint Mutations – Determine a tumor’s specific genetic make-up.
  • Precision Insights Portal – Blend evidence-based therapies with personalized diagnoses.
  • DNA and RNA Sequencing – Avoid incompatible therapies by confirming genetic disparities upfront.

The Era of Precision Medicine is Here


GPS Cancer® and Liquid GPS™ For Health Plans and Employers

Every cancer is unique. We can now know more about each patient’s tumor than ever before—knowledge that may help oncologists prescribe more effective treatments and avoid those that likely won’t be effective. We’re entering the era of precision cancer care, where oncologists can select therapies based on an understanding of the unique biology of each patient’s cancer.

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