Improve Treatment Decisions

Advance Patient Health Through Precision Medicine

Precision Insights’ GPS Cancer gives oncologists unprecedented insight into each patient’s cancer type. GPS Cancer explores the molecular profile of each specific case through tumor-normal sequencing that compares the make-up of the tumor to the patient’s regular DNA and RNA. In turn, physicians have the most comprehensive view of the patient’s biology available. A more accurate genetic snapshot helps oncologists decide what treatments will most benefit patients, accounting for mutations and other variable factors.

Understand the Most Complex Cases

Every patient’s cancer is different. Precision Insights shows how. With Precision Insights, oncologists can understand not only the molecular-level biology of a given tumor, but other genetic factors that affect patients’ health.

Optimize Treatment Regimens

The advanced tools of precision medicine allow for better care plans. Actionable insights based on the individual patient’s biology help caregivers know which treatments are likely to help—and which to avoid.

Choose Care-Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness

Now, oncologists don’t have to choose between the best treatment or the most economical one. With GPS Cancer, providers have access to a wealth of guidance on treatments that are safe and meet payer requirements.

Enable Consistent, Valuable Treatments

Oncology treatments can be highly variable in both quality and costs. Eviti Advisor eliminates unwanted variability and provides decision support for providers at the time of care. With a library of over 4,400+ evidence-based treatment options and 8,600+ clinical trials, Eviti Advisor puts a wealth of knowledge on high-quality treatments at providers’ fingertips. The database is transparent and independent of pharmaceutical affiliations. In addition, Eviti Advisor vastly narrows treatment options based on physician-entered, patient-specific parameters—heightening treatment efficacy for each patient.

Increase Treatment Efficiency

Eviti Advisor helps you ensure treatment requirements are met the first time around—and prescribe optimal care more quickly.

Improve Care Decisions

With the Eviti Evidence-Based Medicine Library of FDA-approved treatments updated daily, therapeutic recommendations are current, cutting-edge, and medically sound.

Align with Health Plan Requirements

Eviti Advisor integrates with Eviti Connect, the preauthorization path of Eviti that aligns the interests of the provider, patient and contracted payer.

Products for High-Quality Health Care

Simplify Cancer Care Decisions

  • Streamline Care Options – Access a library of 4,400+ evidence-based treatments and 8,600+ clinical trials.
  • Eliminate Variability – Avoid fluctuations in care with a system that promotes adherence to treatment standards.
  • Expect Transparency – View all evidence-based care options without financial bias.

Gain a Molecular Understanding of Cancer

  • Target Therapies – Gain a deeper understanding of genetic mutations and other factors that affect care.
  • Personalize Care – Craft the right treatment plan for each patient’s individual needs.
  • Increase Effectiveness – By better understanding the molecular fingerprint of a given patient’s cancer, physicians can help improve the chance of a positive outcome.

Powering the Pursuit of Value-Based Care

By creating technologies that align the interests of patients, providers, payers, NantHealth is making the possibility of value-based care a reality for hospitals and health systems every day.

  • Payers have more control over costs and lower risks associated with their dollars.
  • Providers develop a better rapport and work more efficiently with patients.
  • Patients see the value in the care they’re receiving—and are overall more satisfied with their health care.