Oncologists use all available information to make the best decisions for their patients. However, response rates for most cancer therapies remain low, with 75% of patients receiving no benefit from the offered treatment.

As a result, patients often endure toxic effects of therapies that may provide little clinical benefit. Patients, employers, and insurance providers bear the high costs associated with cancer care. At NantHealth, we’re trying to change that.

Precise Methodology for Precise Insights

Cancer is personal. With NantHeath’s Precision Insights, treatment can be too. GPS Cancer offers molecular insights into a patient’s cancer, including DNA sequencing of 19,000+ genes and RNA sequencing to analyze more of tumors’ genetic material. GPS Cancer also compares the tumor tissue to normal, healthy cells to differentiate between benign DNA alterations and those that may drive cancer.

Targeted Reports for Targeted Treatments

Accessible through NantHealth’s web-based Precision Insights Portal, the GPS Cancer report offers insight into therapies that may have potential benefit, as well as therapies to which a given cancer may be resistant. Based on genomic and transcriptomic analysis, the report provides clear information on:

  • FDA-approved therapies with potential clinical benefit
  • Active clinical trials for investigational therapies
  • Therapies to which the tumor may be resistant

Other detailed information within the report includes:

  • Tumor mutational burden (TMB)
  • Microsatellite instability (MSI)
  • Provenance
  • Germline mutations in cancer predisposition genes

Bringing Precision Insights to Evidence-Based Care

  • Targeted Therapy – By integrating tumor-normal sequencing of DNA with RNA sequencing, GPS Cancer provides precise information on clinically relevant mutations to inform the use of targeted therapies.
  • Immunotherapy – GPS Cancer assesses true TMB based on the assessment of nearly 20,000 genes, as well as MSI and PD-L1, informing the use of checkpoint inhibitors.
  • Chemotherapy – Unlike most DNA-only gene panels, GPS Cancer utilizes RNA sequencing and a deep understanding of biological pathways to inform the use of common chemotherapies.

Moving From Test Results to Treatment Insights

When viewing GPS Cancer results within the Precision Insights portal, oncologists have one-click access to personalized treatment options, physician consultations, and tumor boards to enable informed treatment decisions for each patient.

To ease your Precision Insights experience, we provide ready access to supporting information that enables data-driven decision making. On-screen regimen information includes molecular target drug associations, level of evidence, reported outcomes, toxicity prevalence, estimated cost, and supporting literature.

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